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Item #553531483
Collectibles:Militaria: World:Russian

Bidding is closed for this item.

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If you are the seller or the high bidder - now what?  
Currently $7.67 First bid $5.00
Quantity 1 # of bids 4 bid history
Time left Auction has ended. Location S.W.PENNSYLVANIA
Country USA
Started Feb-01-01 18:55:45 PST envelopemail this auction to a friend
Ends Feb-06-01 18:55:45 PST [Gift Alert]request a gift alert
Seller (Rating) naviation(588)star
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High bid stevexmidd@aol.com(2)
Payment See item description for payment methods accepted
Shipping Seller ships internationally (worldwide), See item description for shipping charges
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Seller assumes all responsibility for listing this item. You should contact the seller to resolve any questions before bidding. Auction currency is U.S. dollars ($) unless otherwise noted.
OK you Communist collectors and reenactors. Opens to approximatly 44". Brass Army buckle and keeper. belt is marked 1989. A little dirty but will clean up nicely. Please satisfy all inquiries before bidding. RETURNS ACCEPTED ONLY IF ITEM IS NOT AS DESCRIBED. HIGH BIDDER TO PAY BY U.S. POSTAL MONEY ORDER, SHIPPING, AND WITHIN 7 DAYS. 



Bidding is closed for this item.

If you're the seller or the high bidder - now what?

  1. Contact each other. The seller (naviation) and the high bidder (stevexmidd@aol.com) should contact each other within three business days to discuss payment and shipping details.
  2. Leave feedback for the other party once the the seller has received the payment and the winning bidder has received the item.

  3. Leave feedback to seller - Leave feedback to bidder.
Details for the seller and high bidder(s):
The seller should contact the winning bidder(s) with information on the total cost, including shipping, and where to send payment. The winning bidder(s) must pay the seller directly for the item(s), and it is the seller's responsibility to fulfill the order when payment terms are met. The binding contract of the auction is between the winning bidder and the seller.

If the seller is unable to establish contact with the high bidder within 3 business days of the end of the auction, he/she may lose the place as winning bidder, and be at risk for receiving negative feedback and/or a Non-Paying Bidder warning, both of which can ultimately lead to suspension from eBay.

Seller - Want a safe, easy way to collect payment from the high bidder(s)?
To collect payment for this item using eBay Online Payments (a service provided by Billpoint), you can send the buyer a Billpoint Invoice
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